The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, Inc. is committed to advocating on behalf of our warehouses, stores, shops, technicians, and the general motoring public. Our mission is to protect the interests of Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper businesses, employees, customers and the automotive aftermarket through industry partnerships and professional advocacy at both local and national levels.

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Today’s cars know a lot more about us than we might expect. They don’t just track fuel levels, mileage, and mechanical problems. They also know how fast you’re accelerating, where you’re going, and when you gain weight. It’s your car, so that data belongs to you, right? Wrong. Currently, only your vehicle manufacturer has ownership of and access to your vehicle’s data. We’re taking our voice to Washington to fight for your right to your data.


You and I both know that consumers are best served when they can take their vehicle anywhere they want for a repair. The variety and plethora of options ensures quality is high, prices are low, and turnaround times are quick. As vehicle systems become more and more complex, however, not all repair shops are able to access the vital information they need to diagnose and fix vehicles. We care about the technicians’ right to repair, and that’s why we’re continuing to advocate on behalf of technicians everywhere.


The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act ensures consumers their manufacturer’s warranties will not be voided regardless of where they get their vehicles serviced – whether at the dealership, an independent repair shop, or elsewhere. But many consumers are not aware of this legislation. We’re working to increase awareness of and adherence to legislation like this act, protecting consumers from the myth about manufacturer warranties.

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Control access to your vehicle data

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The Federal Trade Commission has released a 54-page report, titled “Nixing the Fix,” detailing that manufacturers in the auto industry, and other industries, are making repairs more difficult and expensive than necessary for independent…

The Auto Care Association has distributed a statement applauding a report issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) titled, “Nixing the Fix: An FTC Report to Congress on Repair Restrictions.” The report found that “there…

One of the automotive aftermarket’s biggest victories in recent memory came back in November when the voters of Massachusetts voted in favor of Right to Repair legislation that would provide independent auto shops access to…


The automotive aftermarket faces a lot of threats, but together, we have the power to influence meaningful change. Want to know more? Sign up to stay informed about Alliance advocacy efforts.

    Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper and the entire aftermarket industry are proud to continue serving our customers throughout North America as an essential business, playing a critical role in ensuring people have reliable transportation. We are grateful to the Auto Care Association and other industry advocates who worked with lawmakers to secure our status as essential, and we look forward to furthering these efforts.